Friday, 23 March 2012

Why Essex crane hire companies are growing

Essex Crane Hire

Crane hire companies seem to be sprouting up all over the place getting ready for the Olympics. Many hire businesses have been rented to large building contractors up to and including the events just in case facilities have to be moved at short notice.

Crane hire in general is a growing industry and because of the recession more and more people are choosing to be retrained as crane operators as pay is nearly twice the national average with employees taking home a net pay of some six hundred pounds per week. Most people take home less than 200 pounds a week in barking and Dagenham so you know why these unemployed people as looking to move into this industry.
Transport links from Essex to London are very good and use of the A13 and M25 motorway is key to moving cranes to and from Straford London Olympics with the average journey time of just 45 minutes, which is some feat considering some tower cranes are more than 30 tons. Obviously these journeys tend to start before dawn, approximately no later than 5am as the roads are not congested and there is a clear path to east London. Some cranes need police assistance as they are not only wide loads but sometimes take up two lanes of road. These additional costs always need to be factored into the overall cost of hiring a crane, and police costs are quite expensive even in these days of austerity.

Over the past year or two there has been several buy outs in the plant equipment hire industry becuase of the upcoming 2012 olympics. Millions of pounds have changed hands recently because of the possible rewards in the next one or two years. Generally building works will continue for another two years atleast after the games. This is very lucrative, not only for the builders but also for crane companies as operators will be onsite for the very least 16 hours a day. Tower cranes are rented for every hour they are on site and when have you ever seen a crane at one building site for just one day!

I have noticed many new start up companies try to enter this industry during last year only to find all contracts have been agreed with the other parties. even these small cottage industries will find more work than they can cope with over the next few years.